The basic principles of successful training
Many stop at 1-2-m years of training with weights. Part of the problem lies in the muscle growth, which volume cannot increase indefinitely. Eventually your body reaches its genetic limit,…

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Increase endurance in Sparta
Sports and full exercise pursue many purposes, one of which - improving stamina. Often this figure is decisive in sports - the winner is the one who is able to…

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21 best fitness site for active lifestyles


Everyone knows that the Internet is one of the best and most available sources of information for any sphere of life. If you want to lose weight, get rid of diseases and to make a beautiful figure, your faithful helpers will be sites devoted to the topic of sports and fitness. I want to offer you a list, which included 21, in my opinion, the best fitness site for those who lead an active lifestyle or plans to soon go to him.

Why «fitness» website?

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Develop endurance in basketball


The content

Introduction 3

Chapter 1. Literature review 5

1.1 brief description of the game “basketball”. Physiological characteristics of basketball players 5

1.2 the Essence of physical preparation of sportsmen of 8

2.1 Goals, objectives and methods of research. 41

2.2 Organization of the study. 42

2.3 Pedagogical experiment 43

Chapter 3. Experimental study of development of endurance in basketball 45

Conclusion 50

List of references 51


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Breathing exercises Strelnikova exercises for slimming your search engine


Breathing exercises for weight loss helps to remove fat cells from the body of pesticides, preservatives and other toxins. After all, a special

breathing exercise can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, and hence to accelerate the fat burning process during exercise: diet best reviews. What is a exercises Strelnikova exercises Strelnikova is a set of breathing exercises that was developed by singer Alexandra Strelnikova in the 40-ies of xx century.

Don’t need to do all approaches in a row, after 32 breaths exhale give yourself a small break for 10-30 seconds. So the effect of gymnastics was the greatest, compound exercises should be performed on an empty stomach 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening for 20-30 minutes. Breathing is a vital function of the human body, without which life is impossible. And when not enough oxygen, Continue reading