Treadmill or exercise bike which is better
  An active lifestyle is one of the main postulates of maintaining human health. The main ally of any energetic person is, of course, sports equipment. In every gym there…

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The benefits of swimming for data
  Swimming – entertainment, sports and health promotion of the child Cheerful tot, floundering with a group of peers in the water, always causes an involuntary smile! After all, he…

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How to choose a trainer for doma


The simulator is a training device that is used to maintain physical fitness and combat obesity. Simulators to practice at home should be of high quality and easy to operate.

Choosing fitness equipment for home, one must first define its purpose:

to lose a few pounds;

for the correction;

for rehabilitation after injuries etc.

Usually, there are two main types, radically different from each other: cardio and strength training. The last type is designed to build muscle and training of individual muscle groups. Cardio use to lose a few extra pounds, tone up, improve health.

Consider the main types of the equipment for slimming, it is advisable to purchase for the home.


This type is considered one of the most simple and effective. This is because such an exercise as running:

burns extra calories;

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How to run to lose weight ( I hope everything here is written correctly))


Correct running for weight loss is a long run, therefore, the less speed and more time running, the greater the effect.

1)basically what you need to know about running for weight loss:

Sequence: start with the minimum distances, gradually increasing distance

Regular (3-4 times per week, preferably daily)

Length (40 minutes or more)

The jog is the most effective means

Her breathing was regular and deep

Better to run on grass and soft ground

The most important part of the outfit – the shoes with soft sole

2)Running technique for losing weight:

Relax, the body should be relaxed

Straighten your back, while running, the body slightly tilted forward

Bend your arm at the elbow 90 degrees

Look straight ahead into the distance

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Training after illness


For people who regularly engaged in physical activities and sports, there is often the problem of resuming training after an illness . During the illness, while You are not feeling well, exercise and do sports have neither the strength nor the desire. Of course, there is a special lightweight gymnastics, have helpful breathing exercises. that may help to solve this problem.

We must not forget that, you need a doctor’s advice . who will advise what kind of workout You fit after illness, based on Your current status. But, in any case, no more or less severe stress should not be.

If You are sick, then Your body is weakened and he is not strong enough to fight infection.

How in that case to be. Must take care of his health and do his best to help his weakened body to quickly defeat the disease. In sport can develop a healthy body. Therefore, direct all power to fight disease and improve immunity. This is Your main task during and immediately after an illness.

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