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Machiavelli's best-known book Il Principe contains several maxims concerning politics. Although he was not always mentioned by name as an inspiration, due to his controversy, he is also thought to have been an influence for other major philosophers, such as Montaigne , [73] Descartes , [74] Hobbes , Locke [75] and Montesquieu. Machiavelli was taught grammar, rhetoric, and Latin. Machiavelli and Republicanism. Machiavelli felt that his early schooling along the lines of a traditional classical education was essentially useless for the purpose of understanding politics. Ewing wills his copy of The Prince to his adopted nephew Christopher Ewing , telling him to "use it, because being smart and sneaky is an unbeatable combination.

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He wrote comedies, carnival songs, and poetry.

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One half of humanity remains outside of his thought. Giuseppe Leone, "Silone e Machiavelli. For Adams, Machiavelli restored empirical reason to politics, while his analysis of factions was commendable. In the 18th century, the work was even called a satire , for example by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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