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packer ftm
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Limpy the most popular packer of all time. Jockmail Packing Underwear is easily the most attractive packing underwear on the market. Thoughts, plans, and discovery flooded my mind as I packed a nice bulge and gazed at my reflection. It can feel weird to pack with a prosthetic after having lower surgery, but for guys who have had meta, the lack of a bulge in the locker room may still make them feel uncomfortable. Specifically, guys who have had metoidioplasty or meta. As we mentioned before, however, we don't recommend wearing your Mr.

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Helena. Age: 25.
packer ftm

As ridiculous as this sounds, if you are new to the trans community, using socks to pack is a great place to start.

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Ryan. Age: 26.
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Packing & STP

And some find that packing causes them more dysphoria rather than alleviating it. Don't own a full drawer or packing underwear? Limpy is an elastomer packer made from a proprietary compound. They are also incredibly customizable.

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