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In fact, those who enjoy BDSM live by this rule. This is a word or phrase that you would not normally say during sex. If the spanking session was particularly intense, a little cuddling may be in order. Any type of dominance and submission role-playing is perfect for a night of spanking. What's the difference between a wood, leather or silicone spanking paddle? So will giving your partner a smack he or she doesn't want. If a little or a lot of pain is your pleasure of choice, you might want to bend over and give spanking a try.

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Eloise. Age: 31.
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An unexpected spanking can be a real slap in the face if the feeling isn't mutual.

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Magnolia. Age: 32.
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Communication is essential if you're looking to give your partner a few sharp slaps - or receive some yourself. CJ Edwards is a freelance writer nestled in the beautiful hills of Pennsylvania. An erotic spanking should be Probably the most common spanking position is the over- the-knee position.

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