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Sam has also been unintentionally responsible in the development of ghosts and was transformed twice. She retains a perky personality and chipper demeanor while hiding a dark, seductive and psychotic nature deep inside. He finds Earth to be a meaningless planet, and has wrought havoc on it throughout the ages. When she secretly discovers her brother's secret identity, Jazz has made excuses for him while he went out to fight ghosts, [26] [27] and slowly starts to realize that her brother is growing up fine on his own. He constantly treated his sister cruelly.

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Aliza. Age: 20.
paulina danny

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Alina. Age: 27.
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'Larrikin' builder accused of mowing down and killing four kids in Oatlands

She is heavily covered with tattoos, which she can bring to life and control, and is most often seen shrouded in a cloak. She is a benevolent ghost who keeps the world less evil by keeping many malicious contents within her box, but can get aggressive when tampered with. As the main antagonist in the series, he vows to destroy Jack for giving him his ghost powers, which in the process injured him terribly and put him in the hospital for seven years with a fatal condition known as "Ecto Acne".

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