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male teacher seduces student
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X to pull into my driveway, praying that no neighbors would be around to see me greeting some lady more than a decade my senior. In hindsight, it makes me sick that I was capable of this. X was—and, to my knowledge, still is—married. My AP English teacher was one of those young, cool teachers everyone wanted to be friends with. So I hung up and wiped the tape.

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Jaliyah. Age: 28.
male teacher seduces student

I'd like to think I've evolved and learned and matured, but I'm sure some people would understandably think that a leopard never changes its spots.

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Aurora. Age: 22.
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​I Slept with My High School Teacher, and It Sucked

This was conquest, plain and simple—and one that most guys never manage to achieve. We roamed the store for about an hour, chatting about whatever was on the shelf in front of us. She clearly violated her position of authority—she cheated on her husband and preyed upon someone she was in charge of. Her large breasts were a common locker-room conversation topic.

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