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I had issues with these scenes in books as well, but there are clear and important differences between the book rape of Jeyne Poole, and the rape of Sansa Stark. What character development could be wrung from this tragedy that could not have been created without a violent rape? One hand slid up her thigh and underneath her smallclothes. It is true that Ramsay is a sadistic psychopath, but it is also true that the show-runners married Sansa to him. I have not invested in her character arc and growth. It would have set up great mind games between the two characters that would have offered more to the growth of both characters then a brutal rape does. He circled her nipples with his thumbs, pinched them between thumb and forefinger, then began to pull at her, very lightly at first, then more insistently, until her nipples stiffened and began to ache.

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game of thrones nude tumblr

While at the beginning of this scene, Cersei is verbally saying no, by the end of the passage, and most importantly, before Jamie actually initiates sex, Cersei gives strong verbal consent.

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Nope, Emilia Clarke Did Not Use a Body Double for THAT ‘Game of Thrones’ Nude Scene

I have not invested in her character arc and growth. She pounded on his chest with feeble fists, murmuring about the risk, the danger, about their father, about the septons, about the wrath of gods. Furthermore, the rape of Sansa Stark was completely unnecessary. She averted her eyes and covered herself with her hands.

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