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Anyways, I was 23 and at home recovering from a serious car accident, which landed me in the hospital for a few months. As irony would have it, my mom a public speaker, aka master of game faces has yet to master the art of not laughing when someone does something inappropriate or out of place somewhere. He drove his Mercedes-Benz into a ditch this very night and lived to tell all about it. The coolest memory of my mom is her teaching me how to play guitar. She identified with Diana so much that I became obsessed with knowing everything Princess Diana ever did, thus why the moment was so sad, but it was a bonding moment between us both.

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Carlee. Age: 30.
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She was out, going to a house party with her cousins and future brother-in-law in Houston, Texas.

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Everly. Age: 20.
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There are way too many funny and heart-warming memories. My mom has always had great style. The best part was after when she would take the leftover dough and make miniature pan dulce shapes for our Barbies.

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