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I hope you enjoy the diary and feel free to ask me anything :. The mess was starting to chafe so I made my retreat from the shopping centre and drove home to face an incredibly ooky clean up. So the pull-up came in very useful but it still soaked through. It was still quite early and I was enjoying the mission so I just thought why not. Posts Likes Following Archive.

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I tried to put the brakes on but it was very hard to stop mid-flow and I just kept releasing surge after surge.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It just about stabalised the situation enough to carry on walking and attempt the impossible photo location. And then I realised I was weeing. Immediately afterwards I found a tree to lay against to stop any pooled wee from escaping down my legs and by leaning back I encouraged it to soak into the higher part of my pull-up near my lower back but it mixed with the mess a bit and spilled over into my outer pants.

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